Too Lazy to Wash Your Kid's Pacifier? Just Lick It Clean, It's Cool

A new study shows that infants whose parents sucked on their pacifiers to clean them develop fewer allergies and had lower rates of asthma, eczema and other disorders than babies whose parents rinsed or boiled their pacifiers. It is at once wonderful and rare to discover that our laziness is accidentally healthy. » 5/06/13 12:05pm 5/06/13 12:05pm

Research Suggests That Pacifiers Help Turn Baby Boys Into Emotionless…

A new study so hot and fresh out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison that Bucky Badger singed his adorable little paws on when he took it out of the lab suggests that pacifiers stunt the emotional development of baby boys by robbing them of the opportunity to mimic adults by refining their Jim Carrey rubber faces.… » 9/18/12 11:55pm 9/18/12 11:55pm

Capital Gains: Women, Babies, And Getting Ahead In Business

Where are all the female entrepreneurs? Vivek Wadhwa and Stacey Higginbotham both wonder why women are less likely to be in the top ranks of the business world. Is it gender bias? Baby bias? Or an infuriating combination of both? » 2/09/10 12:30pm 2/09/10 12:30pm