Dousing Men in Oxytocin Allegedly Allows Them to Have Faithful Penises

Researchers from the Bonn University Medical Center in Germany performed a new experiment that suggest oxytocin is responsible for strengthening monogamy in men. Dr. René Hurlemann, executive senior physician from the Bonn University Medical Center, notes that "an important role in partner bonding is played by the… »11/27/13 10:10am11/27/13 10:10am


Dear Ivy League Virgins: Did You Ever Think Maybe Fucking Once In Awhile Would Make You More Fun?

What if I had stayed a virgin? I entertain this thought sometimes, like when reading the New York Times Magazine story on Ivy League virgins. The difference between Ivy League virgins and regular virgins is that while regular virgins are scared of kids and Eternal Damnation, Ivy League virgins are scared of oxytocin.… »3/31/08 12:00pm3/31/08 12:00pm