Oxford English Dictionary Cuts 'Cassette Tape' To Make Room For 'Mankini'

You can toss that mix tape you were hanging on to for sentimental purposes because the folks behind the Oxford English Dictionary have decided no one even needs to know what a "cassette tape" is anymore. The term is being removed to make way for new additions like "sexting," "retweet" and "mankini." That's a fabulous… »10/06/11 11:40am10/06/11 11:40am

Oxford English Dictionary Is Trying Impress Bieber Fans

The next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary will include the words "OMG," "LOL" and "FYI," as well as ♥, as in "I ♥ NYC." That last one's not even a word, right? In the future, let's keep the OED boring and respectable. If we need to make sense of our teenage cousin's texts, we'll consult Urban Dictionary. »3/25/11 12:56am3/25/11 12:56am