Oxford Dictionary Editor Says 'Bacne' and 'Hatewatch' MIght Be Added

Fiona McPherson, a Senior Editor at Oxford Dictionaries, revealed some of the words that lexicographers are currently eyeing for inclusion in future versions of the dictionary. Hatewatch your bacne. (That wasn't an excellent example of using words in a sentence; please disregard.) » 10/10/13 10:25am 10/10/13 10:25am

Sexting, Jeggings, And The Other Fake Words That Are Now Real

Now look what we've gone and done. This is why we can't have nice things: The Oxford Dictionary has just inducted a slew of new words into their holy pages, and out of the 400 hundred new additions, a handful of them were in sound smack-my-head territory. » 8/18/11 3:20pm 8/18/11 3:20pm

, a super-comfortable jean and legging hybrid, popularized by…