It's Time to Stare at Adorable Owl Chicks Soaking Up the Sun

What, you have something better to do? Because you don't. Even if you're in the middle of open heart surgery (as patient or doctor), please take a minute to take in the slideshow of cuteness. Ugh, my heart! It can't take it. Why are all the owls not living in my hair? I've specifically made it nest-like to attract… »3/04/13 10:30pm3/04/13 10:30pm

This Cat and Owl are Best Friends Forever (Until One of Them Decides to Eat the Other)

This cat and owl are Best Friends Forever (until one of them decides to eat the other one). This video is so cute and great, and the soundtrack has me chair dancing (NEVER STAND UP TO DANCE WHEN A CHAIR WILL DO), but the fact remains: Who do you think will do the mudering and who will be the murderer? Something this… »11/04/12 8:41pm11/04/12 8:41pm

This Owl Is Totally Judging You For Whatever You Did Saturday Night

Whatever you did (or didn't do, loser) on Saturday night is making this owl give you the stink eye because owls, as a well-known scientific fact, are extremely prudish, judgmental creatures that just think they're so fucking smart. Remember Owl, from the Hundred Acre Wood? He was a supercilious asshole. I mean, we… »10/14/12 3:00pm10/14/12 3:00pm

Hundreds of Pet Owls Abandoned by Overly-Literal Harry Potter Fans

Remember when you got that pet fox after seeing The Fox and the Hound and loved it so much until it made a habit of pooping in your shoes and sitting on your chest like an incubus while you slept, weighing a death strike at your vulnerable throat against the prospect of more dry cat food, and the day finally came when… »5/20/12 12:00pm5/20/12 12:00pm