Fit Mom Banned From Facebook for Fat-Shaming Is 'Sorry Not Sorry'

Remember 32-year-old Maria Kang? She's the fitness-obsessed mom who posted a picture of herself with her three kids and the caption "what's your excuse?" on Facebook. After a recent rant about how there is "unrelenting support" for people who are "borderline obese," she's been banned from Facebook. But she is not… »11/27/13 11:20am

2,000-Year-Old Carving of Princess Reveals She Was 'Stylishly Overweight'

A 2,000-year-old image of a royal woman has been found in the ancient city of Meroë, in Sudan. When the artwork was created, Meroë was the center of the Kingdom of Kush; the Kushite lived along the Nile and, at times, invaded Ancient Egypt and ruled as Pharaohs there. But back to the image: She is, as Owen Jarus writes »1/07/13 4:40pm

New Diet Pill to Provide New Ammunition in Battle Against Skinny Smugness Crisis

For the last several decades, America's been experiencing an unprecedented looming health care crisis — naturally skinny Americans pumping the atmosphere full of dangerous levels of smugness in the form of concern trolling obese and overweight Americans. But now, thanks to the FDA's approval of a new weight loss drug,… »6/28/12 6:40pm

Wanna Know Why the Bullied Bus Monitor Is Now $500K Richer? Because It's Our Fault She Was Bullied

The vacation fund for Karen Klein, the 68-year-old grandmother who was harassed and threatened by boys on the school bus she was monitoring has just hit half a million dollars. It's great that kind souls, feeling like they want to do something, have stepped up and made financial donations. But let's get real: We're to… »6/22/12 12:50pm