Amanda Bynes Indulges in More Twitter Oversharing About Her Nose Job

Creating an Amanda Bynes overshare meme seems like a pretty good weekend afternoon project for someone who, unlike yours truly, isn’t hard at work on his cookie cake bathroom mosaic (I anticipate a spread in Garden & Gun once the mosaic is finished, of course). There are now plenty of entries, like that time Amanda… »5/05/13 4:00pm5/05/13 4:00pm

Man Posts Evidence of Bride's Lost Virginity To Facebook, World Retches

Few things have greater potential to be irritating than post-wedding Facebook posts from newlyweds, but it looks like one dude has really taken things to an unprecedented level, posting an image of bloodied sheets and proudly telling the whole world that he and his new wife had just had awkward, hymen shredding sex.… »11/21/11 3:00pm11/21/11 3:00pm