Women Disproportionately Overdosing on Painkillers

Somewhere in between Valley of the Dolls and Winona Ryder getting arrested with Vicodin in her purse, prescription painkiller abuse went from an epidemic to an epidemic that affects women disproportionately. The Centers for Disease Control has just released a study that finds deaths from prescription painkillers have… » 7/02/13 7:15pm 7/02/13 7:15pm

Madonna Treats Her Concert Crew To Second-Class Accomodations

  • The crew on Madonna's world tour is threatening to quit because they had to stay at a cheap airport hotel while she stayed in an £11,000-a-night castle. It cannot be confirmed whether or not Her Madgesty said, "Let them eat cake." [Mirror, WOW Report]
  • Here's the latest on David Duchovny: He may have had an addiction…
  • » 9/02/08 9:00am 9/02/08 9:00am