Enabling Mom Throws Sugar-Addicted Child Elaborate, 'Candy Fantasy' Preschool Graduation Party

Derek, 5, has just graduated from preschool
and his mother Donna wants to throw the most decadent and expensive candy-themed party ever — Derek's addiction to sweets be damned! Though her son clearly has an affinity for the sugary stuff, through the season premiere episode of TLC's Outrageous Kid Parties made it… »8/18/11 5:00pm8/18/11 5:00pm


How To Piss Away $32,000 On A Six-Year-Old's Birthday Party

The sickest thing about TLC's new reality show Outrageous Kid Parties was not witnessing a mother go disgustingly overboard on her daughter's sixth birthday party, or that the little girl (obviously) didn't appreciate the extravagance of it all, seeing as she's a very young child, and she instead bitched about a… »2/22/11 12:02pm2/22/11 12:02pm