Catholic Group So, So Mad About Tom Ford's Cross-Shaped Dick Pendant

In case you have not noticed, The Catholic Establishment freaks out whenever religious iconography is "desecrated," aka someone else besides them is making money off it. In the latest case, noted homophobes the Catholic League are freaking out because Tom Ford put a dick in the shape of a cross at the end of a… » 12/16/14 6:45pm 12/16/14 6:45pm

Janet Jackson's Nipple: A Retrospective

This week's Super Bowl is the tenth anniversary of the legendary "wardrobe malfunction" that exposed Janet Jackson's right nipple to the world. The story carries implications far beyond the Super Bowl. Janet Jackson's nipple—or, more broadly, the criminalization of female nudity (and our culture's animosity… » 1/28/14 4:45pm 1/28/14 4:45pm

Inverted Breastfeeding Mom’s Instagram Account Inexplicably Suspended

Yogic breastfeeding mom Amy Woodruff, the woman whose inverted Instagram breastfeeding pose attracted lots of attention and unsolicited criticism from internet strangers (the most helpful kind of criticism), has been booted from Instagram, presumably for being just a pubic hair too naked for Instagram’s delicate… » 8/25/13 1:30pm 8/25/13 1:30pm

Sadly, Yet Another Woman Has Reportedly Been Gang-Raped on a Bus in…

No, you have not been sucked into a horrible Groundhog Day bog of news quicksand — police on Sunday said that they arrested six men suspected of raping yet another female bus passenger in India. The distressing report comes a mere four weeks after the deadly gang rape of a student on a bus in the country's capital… » 1/13/13 11:30am 1/13/13 11:30am

Irrelevant Homophobes Newly Enraged Over JC Penney Ad Showing Lesbian…

One Million Moms, a hateful collective of a few thousand insufferable busybodies, has once again called for its members to break out the torches and pitchforks and attack JC Penney. At issue is a single page in the department store chain's May catalog that depicts a lesbian couple doing horrible, abominable things… » 5/02/12 12:35pm 5/02/12 12:35pm

No, Abercrombie Isn't Selling 'N***** Brown' Pants

We received multiple tips today with links to an online store that calls itself the Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet, to a product in the store called "N***** Brown Pants." Using a racial slur as a youthful, carefree, and edgy touch in a product name would be a totally fucked up, racist thing for Abercrombie to do — if the… » 3/22/12 4:45pm 3/22/12 4:45pm

Parents Hilariously Outraged Over 'Vile' Male-Stripper Fundraiser

Presumably tired of staid bake sales and well-behaved silent auctions, some frisky parents at a British school decided to raise funds for their kids' education by hosting a ladies' night complete with male strippers. Unsurprisingly, some parents didn't approve. » 2/13/12 11:45am 2/13/12 11:45am

Straight Couples Fight For Right To Domestic Partnerships

A British organization is fighting for "heterosexual equality" in domestic partnerships — and they say this will be good for gay couples too. » 12/06/10 9:33am 12/06/10 9:33am

The Situation Room: A Palin/Letterman Album Of Outrage

The shitshow continues! The Good Governor is now expressing her outrage over Dave's lousy jokes to CNN. (NOW's got in on the action too.) After the jump, an (occasionally) updated roundup... because we don't have the energy for anything else. » 6/12/09 1:20pm 6/12/09 1:20pm

The O Ring

The NY Post reports that Barack Obama has bought Michelle Obama a rare $30,000 diamond-encrusted rhodium ring from Giovanni Bosco as a "thank you" gift for putting up with his 2-year national campaign for the Presidency. Predictably, there's some outrage from the conservative Post, which notes that the country's… » 12/02/08 9:20am 12/02/08 9:20am

Twiggy Hosts New Clothing Swap Show • Nightclub Overturns "No Fatties"…

ixties supermodel and former ANTM judge, Twiggy, will host a three-part TV show about clothing swap parties that are apparently a huge trend somewhere. • Women in the Krebet village in Indonesia are keeping the ancient craft of batik wood figures and textiles alive thanks to the growing popularity for batik items in… » 7/30/08 5:20pm 7/30/08 5:20pm