Elmore Leonard Was Great To Women

Elmore Leonard passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 87 of a stroke, "at home surrounded by his loving family." If you're not familiar with this man with a particularly notable name, he was an author who wrote best-selling books about, as the AP put it in one particularly artful tweet, "schemers, clever conmen… » 8/20/13 3:10pm 8/20/13 3:10pm

Husband Of Senator's Mistress Will Go To Any Lengths To Get Revenge

Craig Hampton was near the top of the food chain in Senator John Ensign's personal office, and his wife Cynthia served as Treasurer for Ensign's PAC and re-election campaigns. Then Cynthia slept with the couple's boss. Now what? » 6/19/09 5:40pm 6/19/09 5:40pm

Jennifer Aniston Likes John Mayer's Head Brain