Watch a Baby Otter Play With a Tiny Basketball and Try Not to Explode

Here, the Shedd Aquarium's rescued baby otter is eating and drinking and playing and squeaking. She has a wind up toy lobster and a tiny otter-sized basketball. Her ball-handling skills are pretty crappy thus far. I would not consider playing Pup 681 as a point guard; maybe a power forward. » 11/13/14 4:50pm 11/13/14 4:50pm

You Otter Be Best Friends With This Man and His Otter

This Finnish man is now best friends with an otter and I'm both in awe and jealous. And also, should he be feeding the wild otter? I am leaning no, but maybe it's slim pickings during the winter months and this keeps the adorable little dude alive. Experts! Please tell me how to feel before my uterus makes me love… » 10/30/13 6:40pm 10/30/13 6:40pm

This Thing Looks Like That Thing: Adorable Olympic Swimmers vs. Hand-Holding Otters

Hand-holding otters is currently ranked as the #1 most adorable occurrence in the entire world, but this water cuddle by Olympic swimmers Cameron van der Burgh of South Africa (who won the Men's 100m Breastsroke) and Christian Sprenger of Australia is certainly giving the otters a run for their money. » 7/30/12 1:30pm 7/30/12 1:30pm