Quvenzhané Wallis Adorably Teaches Us How to Pronounce Her Name

Since being nominated for an Oscar for her role in Beasts of the Southern Wild, Quvenzhané Wallis has had her name butchered in all sorts of crazy ways. During her press conference at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon, the 9-year-old finally had a chance to school audiences in the right way to say it. » 2/07/13 6:20pm 2/07/13 6:20pm

The 2012 Oscars Trailer Looks Like The Shittiest Movie Ever

In this promo for the Academy Awards, you'll see decidedly non-Oscar-worthy performances by Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, Vinnie Jones, William Fichtner, Oscar-winner Robin Williams and, of course, Billy Crystal, who gets all Princess Bride with it, because that is such a hot, current reference. Ugh, Christ, this is not a… » 1/06/12 10:40am 1/06/12 10:40am