In Epic Bid for Power, Cat 'Burglar' Steals Cat Friend's Food Bowl

Poor Kimicat is just trying to enjoy a simple meal of kibble. But Oscar is having none of it. Watch how he uses all of his cunning cat stealthiness to steal her food bowl from right under her nose. » 6/01/14 10:30pm 6/01/14 10:30pm

André Leon Talley Plans to Save Late Night TV From Dreckitude

Raise your hand if you would watch the hell out of a late-night talk show hosted by André Leon Talley. All of your hands had better be up! The man who coined the term drekitude has inked a deal with production company to develop such a show: » 2/05/13 1:50pm 2/05/13 1:50pm

Oscar De La Hoya Accused Of False Imprisonment, Cross-Dressing, &…

A woman has come forward to accuse boxer Oscar de la Hoya of coercing her into sex while he snorted coke and quoted Charlie Sheen. Oh, but that's not the really shocking thing. » 11/10/11 10:10am 11/10/11 10:10am

Mo' Nominations, Mo' Problems: Is Mo'Nique The Subject Of A Film Critic…

Mo'Nique's turn in Precious was phenomenal — but much of the chatter on Hollywood blogs has surrounded her refusals to campaign for an Oscar — or pander to the academy. But does Mo'Nique have the right idea? » 12/21/09 5:30pm 12/21/09 5:30pm

"How Do I Explain That My Coworker's A Raving Lunatic?"

Oh dear. There's a very troubling letter in today's Financial Times by a distraught citizen with a dodgy coworker. Really, there was nothing to do but get the opinions of a bunch of dead people, without delay. » 11/04/09 5:00pm 11/04/09 5:00pm

A New Face For Marc Jacobs?

The first lady sure knows how to pick 'em.

She may not have made a popular choice with her stupid ass husband, but First Lady Laura Bush sure knows how to pick a dress. Lady Laura and two other guests showed up at this year's annual White House holiday reception in the same festive bright red getup by Oscar de la Renta. All three looked like mothers-of-the… » 12/07/06 1:06pm 12/07/06 1:06pm