Women Are Natural-Born Stalkers, and That Can Be a Good Thing

When you become romantically interested in a guy you just met what's the first thing you do? Google him. Find him on Facebook. You gather intel (a series of photos in which he's seemingly very familiar with a pretty young woman?) which you then analyze (oh, OK, she's just his sister) to create a composite of his life… »5/15/13 11:30am5/15/13 11:30am

The Tense Trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's bin Laden Film Doesn't Reveal Much

Here's the first look at Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow's newest venture Zero Dark Thirty, a film dramatizing the Navy SEAL Team 6's hunt for Osama bin Laden. The trailer provides as much insight as an "On the next Mad Men" trailer, but knowing Bigelow and the skills she demonstrated directing The Hurt Locker »8/06/12 6:15pm8/06/12 6:15pm

Secretary of Secrets: Hillary Clinton Didn't Say a Thing to Bill About the Bin Laden Raid

Hillary Clinton does pretty much everything perfectly, so it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that she's good at keeping secrets. Yet Bill Clinton revealed yesterday on The Ellen Degeneres Show that Hillary managed to keep the planned raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound on complete and total lockdown from him: »5/03/12 11:15pm5/03/12 11:15pm

Pakistan Doesn't Want Bin Laden's Former Wives and Daughters to Talk

Osama Bin Laden's three former wives and two daughters have been under house arrest since March 3rd for living in Pakistan illegally, and they'll remain there for 15 more days before being deported, Pakistani officials announced today. Analysts told the Guardian that Pakistan may have sought a longer prison sentence… »4/02/12 12:20pm4/02/12 12:20pm

Apparently Nobody Told Jessica Stam About The Whole Bin Laden Thing

Following lots of fashion people on Twitter, as I do for this job, has its unexpected moments. When unforeseen, world-changing, big deal, really, actual news-news breaks, funny, strange, and strangely affecting things happen. Last night, for example, fashion writer Derek Blasberg wanted most to talk about where he was… »5/02/11 4:33pm5/02/11 4:33pm

The End Of Celebrity Apprentice We Didn't Get To See Because Of Bin Laden

When NBC first scrolled an ominous notice across the bottom of the screen that President Obama would be making "an important statement shortly" during the last half hour of Celebrity Apprentice, for a split second it almost seemed like delicious payback on the part of the president—like it was his way of reminding… »5/02/11 10:50am5/02/11 10:50am