Why Yes, There Are Orthodox Members of Jerusalem's Women of The Wall

Critics of the Women of the Wall—female Jewish advocates of the equal right to prayer at the Western Wall by reading aloud from the Torah and wearing the religious garments of tallitot and tefillin (considered traditional for men only)—assume that it's comprised entirely of female Reform Jews. However, some feminist… »4/20/13 5:00pm4/20/13 5:00pm

Ultra-Orthodox Men Now Wearing Special Blinders to Avoid Seeing Sexy Things

Feeling tempted by scantily-dressed women on the bus, or sexy billboards by the side of the road? If you're an ultra-Orthodox man in Israel, you're in luck: you can now buy special blinders to prevent sin-enticing images from sneaking into your peripheral vision. As the Times of Israel reported yesterday, an… »8/08/12 4:50pm8/08/12 4:50pm

Women On Brooklyn Bus Can Now Sit Wherever They Damn Well Please

The owner of the B110 bus in Brooklyn, which runs between two Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn, insists that despite the fact that women have been told get in the back of the bus for decades, it never condoned the practice. However, since everyone got so riled up about passengers telling women where to sit on… »10/28/11 12:49am10/28/11 12:49am