Prominent Republican Fundraiser Allegedly Also Quite Gifted at Rape

Utah Tea Party activist and prominent fund raiser Greg Peterson owns a beautiful 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom 3,000 square foot cabin in the ruggedly gorgeous area outside of Salt Lake City. Over the years, with the help of his fancy cabin, Peterson has proven himself an adept host — entertaining and gladhanding with the… »7/19/12 6:30pm7/19/12 6:30pm

Senate Votes to Kill Rule That Would Allow Employers to Deny Birth Control Coverage

Some good news, for a change: earlier today, the US Senate voted to table the Blunt Amendment, a terribly stupid provision tacked onto an unrelated transportation bill which would've allowed any employer or insurance company to decline to cover any medical care for any moral reason. Twenty million women could've been… »3/01/12 3:00pm3/01/12 3:00pm

Obama Offers Things To Kvetch About Before Giving Thanks

Since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude — and Spencer »11/26/08 10:00am11/26/08 10:00am and I are not exactly grateful types — it's important to get all the bitching we can out of our system before summoning our most beauteous smiles and eating turkey with our families. This morning, we whine about John Forte's stupid lawyer, major hook-ups and…