Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda Recorded a Benefit Song For Orlando Victims

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram flick of Lin-Manuel Miranda last week, while cryptic at the time, made logical sense: both are boricuas from New York City and, now that Miranda’s retiring from Hamilton, he’ll have lots of time to work on rap collaborations and films and plays and getting generally more famous for working…

Resentful Florida Teen Will Seek Senate Reelection After All, and Honestly, Why Do You Guys Even Care, Go Away

“I have only said like 1000 times I will be a private citizen in January,” failed Republican presidential candidate and agitated ninth grader Marco Rubio tweeted approximately one month ago, in response to a Washington Post story that suggested he was unsure about his political future. On Wednesday, the Washington…

Samantha Bee Poetically Bludgeons the 'Party of Lincoln,' Who 'Died Peacefully of Natural Causes'

On the latest episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, our host took a beautiful rhetorical dump on the Republican Party, whose comrades in the Senate recently rejected four extremely sane measures restricting gun sales one week after 49 people were murdered in an Orlando gay club.

Florida Governor/Voldemort Rick Scott: 'The Second Amendment Didn't Kill Anybody'

In an interview with CNN today, Florida Governor Rick Scott—an empty shell of a man so comically villainous that comparisons to Voldemort are unfair to Voldemort—defended Florida’s gun laws. In the interview, Scott was asked about President Obama’s speech where he challenged, “those who defend the easy accessibility…