Organic Pet Food Is Becoming a Thing Because Americans Humanize Pets

People all over these United States are humanizing their pets, and that’s fine because it means pets get fancy things like clothes, driver’s licenses, and really expensive organic food that may be really good for them, but may also have about the same nutritional value to animals as miscellaneous garbage that gets to… »10/28/13 10:20am10/28/13 10:20am

Researchers Find That Organic Food Offers Few Extra Health Benefits Other Than Moral Superiority, Of Course

A new study has ripped the veil off of organic food, revealing that it's nothing more than marked-up regular food, only without all the delicious pesticides and growth hormones. Researchers at Stanford University scrutinized more than 200 separate studies about the content of and the health benefits conferred by… »9/04/12 9:30am9/04/12 9:30am

Study Suggests that Eating Organic Foods Contributes to Moral Depravity

Science can be a wonderfully vindictive thing, especially when it suggests that people who self-righteously purchase and consume organic foods are more likely to not help you jump your dead car battery, hold the door open for you, or volunteer to coach a community little league team. That's right, everyone — organic… »5/20/12 3:00pm5/20/12 3:00pm