Orangutans Are Hooked on Technology Just Like the Rest of Us

Not unlike how many of us play games on Facebook to kill time until it's five o'clock, orangutans at Smithsonian's National Zoo are utilizing iPads so they don't go nutso. Because being trapped in a small enclosure can be depressing, it's exciting when zoos strive to incorporate engaging enrichment. The iPads were a… »1/29/13 11:15pm1/29/13 11:15pm

Chimps, Like People, May Experience Midlife Crises, Might Buy Chimp Convertibles and Get Chimp Hairplugs

The midlife crisis has always been seen as a very human thing. Documented by sociologists in over 65 countries, the midlife dip in self-esteem, contentment, vivaciousness and happiness, is a universal phenomenon amongst people and has generally been attributed to economic, psychological and sociological factors. Until… »11/20/12 12:20pm11/20/12 12:20pm

Mother’s Day for Orangutans Is Like an Ironic Independence Day

Orangutan offspring stay really attached to their mothers for a really long time, which could have something to do with the terrifying long arms that adult orangutans use to pull their babies back whenever they wander too far. In other words, orangutan moms are kind of a big deal in the animal kingdom, which is… »5/13/12 4:00pm5/13/12 4:00pm