The Best Worst Stereotypically Southern TV Characters of 2015

Much of television is written by people who grew up, or at least who have lived the majority of their lives, in a big city—often New York or Los Angeles. For that reason, characters who are culturally not from one of those places are at risk of getting written in broad strokes, becoming caricatures of whatever culture…

Popular TV Shows We Stopped Watching in 2015, For Reasons Like 'They Sucked'

For several years now, we have been in the throes of an era critics like to refer to as a “TV renaissance.” This ostensibly means that since the success of The Sopranos and The Wire, writers, directors and producers have been challenging themselves to make better, more literary and long-lasting series, built upon…


Podcast All-Star Lauren Lapkus On Jurassic World and Playing Brats

You might know comedian Lauren Lapkus from Orange Is the New Black, Comedy Bang Bang, or her various other TV appearances or you might not know Lauren Lapkus at all. If it’s the latter, well, hold onto your butts because Lapkus—with supporting roles in Jurassic World and the new TBS sitcom Clipped—is about to be…

The Love Story of Orange Is the New Black's Taystee and Poussey

We want to believe our most intimate friendships are inevitable. A bond so essential couldn’t be tethered to circumstance, could it? In a different context, surely our best friends would share with us the same vital companionship; in a different kind of muck, among different haters, we’d stumble onto common ground.