Oprah and Gayle's Relationship Is 'Bizarre, Unhealthy' Says Ex-Stepmom

In "the first of a two-part world exclusive interview" with the Daily Mail, Barbara Winfrey is telling all about her former husband Vernon's daughter. The dirt ranges from allegations that Oprah is snotty about what kind of towels she uses to claims that she encouraged a rift between Barbara and Vernon to comments… » 4/22/14 2:45pm 4/22/14 2:45pm

Lindsay Lohan Finally Admits to Relapsing

Yes, Lindsay Lohan's flakiness, pathological tardiness, and refusal to adhere to a shooting schedule—all of which have become the meat of her docu-series—makes her look totally unprofessional and a risky hire for potential producers. But the real reason why Lindsay is the final nail in the coffin of her career is… » 4/07/14 1:20pm 4/07/14 1:20pm

Lindsay Lohan Expertly Avoids Talking About Her Fuck List on Ellen

Lindsay will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show on March 31, but clips of the entire interview were already released online. In it, the actress—who wore a sleeveless top despite some painful-looking large bruises and welts on her arms—talks about her current relationship with Oprah, which appeared strained on the most… » 3/28/14 12:40pm 3/28/14 12:40pm

Watch Oprah Bitch About Being Fed Up With Lindsay Lohan

A brilliant move by the documentary team behind Lindsay is that they filmed Oprah's reaction as she got briefed on the progress of the docu-series. The news was not good: Lindsay was being difficult, refusing to film and holding the entire production hostage. Oprah sucked on her cheeks before saying she would rather… » 3/24/14 10:30am 3/24/14 10:30am

The 12 Steps of Watching Lindsay Lohan's Chaotic New Reality Show

Lindsay was supposed to be her redemption song, but it's unlikely that Lindsay Lohan can carry the tune. It was apparent very early on in last night's premiere of the OWN docu-series—particularly when she was shown ditching her AA meetings within days of leaving her sixth stint in rehab—that Lindsay is not doing her… » 3/10/14 4:30pm 3/10/14 4:30pm

Lupita Nyong'o Says Oprah's Hugs Feel Like Home

Brand new Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o was recently asked by the staff at Conan to name which of her celebrity encounters over the past few months has left her most starstruck. Considering the highfalutin crowd she's been running around with lately, Nyong'o has plenty options. Her choice, however, was a no-brainer… » 3/05/14 7:15pm 3/05/14 7:15pm

Eight Haggy Things You're Doing to Look Like an Old Hag

How can we as a society tolerate you if you have the temerity to conduct your life in such a way that the appearance of your corporeal being actually corresponds with the number of years you've existed on earth? It's as if no one told you that the eight things you're doing nearly every day to feel better are… » 2/06/14 6:15pm 2/06/14 6:15pm