Saturday Night Social: Give It All To Lucia Popp

Tonight, we give it up for Lucia Popp, an Austrian-Czech opera singer who turned to music after studying medicine. Popp was a remarkable Viennese operetta singer, who was named an Austrian Kammersängerin. Sadly, she died on this day in 1993, but her beautiful voice still lives on. This one's in honor of my mother, who… » 11/16/13 6:30pm 11/16/13 6:30pm

Hey, Sexy Libretto: Gangnam Style Performed by Opera Singer and…

From Radio-Television of Slovenia, your newest source for everything amazing, comes an opera singer and classical orchestra performing Psy's addictive-obnoxious mega-hit. I can't lie, I don't love the original song or opera all that much, but this is the most wonderful. I can't decide who I love more — the overly… » 12/24/12 6:15pm 12/24/12 6:15pm