Saturday Night Social: Fergus, the Acid-Attacked Dog, Gets a New Home

Grab some tissues because this SNS is going to make your eyes sweat. This past August, a golden retriever named Fergus was one of the first known victims in a series of acid attacks against dogs. He endured several surgeries for a third-degree burn along his back. The good news is, Fergus is doing well in his recovery… »10/03/15 7:00pmSaturday 7:00pm

Let's Talk About Beauty Products. I'll Go First.

Last week one of you brilliant readers suggested we create a space on this site for chatting about all of our makeups and hair craps. Here is that space! Every Monday, we’d love to hear about your weekend trips to Sephora, party makeup fails, broken compacts and any other beauty-related nonsense you’d like to share. »9/21/15 2:00pm9/21/15 2:00pm

Here's a Labor Day Open Thread with Mother Jones, 'The Most Dangerous Woman in America' 

A very happy Labor Day open thread to you from Mary Harris Jones, better known as Mother Jones, one of the greatest figures in all of American history, who organized and rallied thousands of railroad workers, garment workers, textile workers, steel workers and miners, and whose enemies dubbed her “a notorious and… »9/07/15 7:00pm9/07/15 7:00pm

Friday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Ms. Julia Sugarbaker

It’s the Friday night of a long weekend, so we’ve got something special for you: an open thread featuring the dazzling Julia Sugarbaker telling off Miss Georgia for being an awful person. So let’s pretend that we’re Julia and this week was Miss Georgia and smack it down before we go on to the best weekend of our lives. »5/22/15 8:44pm5/22/15 8:44pm