Who Is The Most Beautiful Woman of All Time?

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, unless the beholder is blind, in which case it would be in the hands or ears or nose or possibly (hopefully) mouth. Yum. Point being: we all have different opinions about this stuff and it’s so true that there’s a boring cliche about it with which to open blog posts. Some… »11/09/15 12:40pm11/09/15 12:40pm

Saturday Night Social: How Much Halloween Candy Can You Really Eat?

Happy Halloween everyone! Whether you’ll be off to run amok in the streets during this spooky night or at home watching scary movies and drinking pumpkin beer, enjoy this frightening story from Uproxx of one man and his quest to eat 12 pounds of Halloween candy, from Jezebel’s very own Mark Shrayber. »10/31/15 7:00pm10/31/15 7:00pm

Start Your Week With Some Outdated Beauty Advice

Fashion Faces: 20 Stunning Make-Up Ideas was published in 1982. The looks are at times hard to tell apart — more brown eyeshadow, more mascara, more red lipstick — but the names are endlessly entertaining. Here we have “Cool Executive” and I’m sure you’ll agree she is very cool and very executive. Here are some tis… »10/26/15 1:10pm10/26/15 1:10pm

Which Beauty Treatments Do You 'Believe In?'

This weekend I participated in two beauty rituals that are probably nonsense: a professional facial and an at-home clay mask. The facial was part of a campaign to take better care of myself, and though it felt really good, I’m not convinced that 50 minutes of slathering non-medical-grade goo on anyone’s face, and then… »10/19/15 1:15pm10/19/15 1:15pm

Saturday Night Social: Fergus, the Acid-Attacked Dog, Gets a New Home

Grab some tissues because this SNS is going to make your eyes sweat. This past August, a golden retriever named Fergus was one of the first known victims in a series of acid attacks against dogs. He endured several surgeries for a third-degree burn along his back. The good news is, Fergus is doing well in his recovery… »10/03/15 7:00pm10/03/15 7:00pm