​Saturday Night Social: "Scully Likes Science"

Tonight we're killing two birds with one stone. We will be both dance partying AND appreciating X-Files' Dana Scully in one catchy supercut song. YouTuber Ryan English has a pretty fantastic collection of pop-culture mash-ups including this amazing Kickboxer-Kool & the Gang concoction that makes more sense than my… » 7/26/14 6:30pm Saturday 6:30pm

Sunday Night Sign-Off: What It Takes to Make a Pro/Crow Blush

Welcome to Sunday night. Kim Carnes turns 69 today, so let's pay tribute to everyone's 4th favorite end-of-the-night karaoke standard. It's behind "Black Velvet" but way in front of "Don't Stop Believin'." Is it strange that I want every single one of the outfits in this music video, especially Carnes' but also… » 7/20/14 6:40pm 7/20/14 6:40pm

Saturday Night Social: Happy Birthday Benedict Cumberbatch

Well, well, well. Our good friend/fantasy man Benedict Cumberbatch turns 38 today, so it's time to celebrate (as if people needed a reason to throw down in his honor). But WAIT. IT'S A DOUBLE WHAMMY—today is also 1/2 of Supernatural Jared Padalecki's birthday. And for some miraculous reason, Tumblr has not… » 7/19/14 6:30pm 7/19/14 6:30pm

Sunday Night Sign-Off: The Weirdest Undersea "Concert"

The Associated Press posted this footage of an underwater concert held in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary today and I have no idea what any of these 59 seconds actually mean. If someone knows, please help me. My only explanation so far is Florida.

Also, congratulations to Germany for their nail biter of a… » 7/13/14 6:48pm 7/13/14 6:48pm

​Sunday Night Sign-Off: A Reading of Some Of James Franco's Poetry

Thank you for joining us this evening. Tonight, Jezebel.com will be offering some high brow artistic indulgences of the finest caliber. And now, excerpts of poetry from James Franco's collection Directing Herbert White, a continuation of Franco's focus on the essence of celebrity, and the blurring lines between… » 7/06/14 6:30pm 7/06/14 6:30pm

Your July 4th Open Thread: Happy Sweet Sixteen Malia Obama!

Happy Independence Day folks. Today is Malia Obama's 16th birthday! How American is that?! So Yanks and others who are celebrating with us: be safe tonight! Drink, grill, eat, and set off potentially illegal firecrackers, and celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence/Will Smith's greatest movie to… » 7/04/14 5:00pm 7/04/14 5:00pm

Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Sondra Prill

That's right. We're taking a trip back to 2007 Internet memehood/irl late 80s Florida public access, and we are reliving Sondra Prill, the woman who might actually have been the one lady who gave less fucks than Rihanna does now. And if you calculate for inflation, that's like negative fucks. WARNING DO NOT WATCH… » 6/28/14 6:30pm 6/28/14 6:30pm

​Sunday Night Sign-Off: Happy Birthday Nancy Sinatra and Everyone Else

Yay Sunday night! There's actually a lot going on today. Apparently EVERYONE was born on June 8, because Nancy Sinatra (75), Maria Menounos (36), Kanye West (37), Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes (52), Keenan Ivory Wayans (56), Kathy Baker (64), Joan Rivers (81), Barbara Bush (88), and Bonnie Tyler (63) among others all… » 6/08/14 6:45pm 6/08/14 6:45pm

Sunday Night Sign-off: Sally Shapiro Will Sing You to Sleep

It's Sunday evening and we've reached the end of another weekend. Before I hand you over to the wise and wonderful Rebecca Rose, let's spend a couple of minutes chilling out with Sally Shapiro, the real elusive chanteuse. This song has a wistful quality that always reminds me of the feeling I get on Sunday night when… » 6/01/14 6:45pm 6/01/14 6:45pm

Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Robin S

Hooray! We made it to Saturday night! I actually have no idea what to do with myself, but I'll probably spend the first little while just dressing up in my best pantsuit and jamming out to 'Show Me Love' (followed by Crystal Waters, DUH) before having a thumb of brandy and tucking myself in early, just out of habit.… » 5/31/14 6:41pm 5/31/14 6:41pm