Politicians Determined to Make Online Shoppers Pay

Since the dawn of the internet, shoppers who take a risk by purchasing something online that they can't see or try on experience enjoyed a small (albeit legally grey area) kickback: avoiding the sales tax they'd pay if they bought the same item from a brick-and-mortar (or, you know, drywall-and-vinyl siding) store.… » 7/17/14 7:45pm 7/17/14 7:45pm

Free People Is Ditching Models and Replacing Them With Real People

Free People is resorting to something innovative in the way it markets $96 tank tops that look like sun-stained handkerchiefs: scrapping models entirely. For a two-week span starting tomorrow, all of the images used to sell certain clothing items will be user-submitted photos of shoppers modeling the items they… » 2/21/14 6:30pm 2/21/14 6:30pm

What the Hell Did Target Do to Its Website?

Thanksgiving is next week, which means we're barreling toward the time of the year when nationwide productivity falls off a cliff as everyone with a desk job starts cruising online sales all day, every day. Just in time for this influx of shoppers, AdWeek reports, Target has redesigned its website, and boy oh boy is… » 11/22/13 4:00pm 11/22/13 4:00pm

The Joy of Tax-Free Online Shopping Is Under Government Threat

Oh, those salad days when you could shop and carouse online without any fear of the tax man; the days when you could safely take an Ambien and wake up to an inbox full of receipts from various internet retailers and think yes, I really did by a to-scale replica of Iron Throne, but, hey, at least I can skip out on… » 5/06/13 11:10am 5/06/13 11:10am

No, Abercrombie Isn't Selling 'N***** Brown' Pants

We received multiple tips today with links to an online store that calls itself the Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet, to a product in the store called "N***** Brown Pants." Using a racial slur as a youthful, carefree, and edgy touch in a product name would be a totally fucked up, racist thing for Abercrombie to do — if the… » 3/22/12 4:45pm 3/22/12 4:45pm

Everyone Secretly Loves Drunken Online Shopping

Over the last few years, a curious phenomenon has arisen in the world of online commerce: it seems that people tend to buy things during evening hours, right around when they're also unwinding after work with a glass or entire bottle of wine. While you may have thought it your own mildly embarrassing secret vice,… » 12/28/11 6:00pm 12/28/11 6:00pm