Man Creates Revenge Website To 'Destroy' Ex-Wife, Says He'll Only Take It Down When She's Dead  

A British Columbia man named Patrick Fox has created a website whose sole intent, he says, is harassing and defaming his ex-wife, posting photos of her and her home and alleging that she’s a stripper and a white supremacist. He told a news outlet he’ll only stop when she’s either dead or “destitute and homeless.”…

 Congresswoman Critical of Gamergate Says She Was Targeted at Home by Active Shooter Hoax

Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, who’s called for better enforcement of laws against online harassment, says someone called police Sunday night to falsely report an active shooter at her home. Clark told the Boston Globe that officers descended on her front lawn, some armed with long guns.

Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry to Harassers: 'Bring It On, Motherfuckers'

From the start of Lauren Mayberry’s band Chvrches, the Scottish vocalist has been open and condemning about the harassment she’s encountered. In 2013, she wrote an essay for The Guardian whose headline and thesis was “I will not accept online misogyny”; she detailed the rape threats she receives on a regular basis as…