Woman Shits All Over Herself During Hot and Heavy One Night Stand

Here's the truth: One night stands, outside of the sex part, are pretty awful. Especially if you need to use the bathroom or make a quick getaway or accidentally shit yourself because you didn't carefully consider what you were going to eat beforehand. See? Awful. And here's a tale to prove it. » 10/27/14 10:30pm 10/27/14 10:30pm

TV Execs Said Meredith Grey's Casual Sex Was Unlikable and Unrealistic

In a fantastic interview with NPR's Renee Montagne, Shonda Rhimes discussed what's to come on Scandal — but also went back to the beginning of her television legacy. Rhimes said she thinks female characters on television don't have to be likable anymore and reveals that when Grey's Anatomy first started, ABC… » 11/07/13 4:59pm 11/07/13 4:59pm

Impressively Douchey People are Tweeting Photos of Their Unsuspecting…

Men (and some women) across the United Kingdom are gleefully tweeting photos of unsuspecting one-night stands, thanks to Geordie Shore's (the UK version of the MTV show that needs no introduction) Gaz, who is sadly but unsurprisingly a role model for many idiots. » 7/06/12 4:40pm 7/06/12 4:40pm

Will You Be Having A One Night Stand On New Year's?

33% of women said they're more likely to have a one night stand on New Year's Eve than any other night in a highly-reputable study by "intimacy products manufacturer" Wet. Plan to start 2011 with a stranger in your bed! » 12/21/10 3:48pm 12/21/10 3:48pm

I Thee Dread

A recent poll revealed that 59% of Australian women wouldn't tie the knot with someone they previously had a one night stand with, but fortunately for the straight ladies, 67% of men don't have that hangup. [News.com.au] » 3/16/10 9:40am 3/16/10 9:40am