One Million Moms Tentatively Approves ABC Family's Bizarre Rebranding as 'Freeform'

On Tuesday, ABC Family announced that they were changing the name of the network to Freeform in January, in order to “super-serve” what they’re calling “Becomers,” aka people who are “on that epic adventure of becoming an adult—from first kiss to first kid!” Not sure what any of that means? Us either! But One Million… »10/08/15 2:55pm10/08/15 2:55pm


One Million Moms Protests Chobani's Sinful Lesbian Yogurt

If there’s one thing God hates, it’s sin. And if there are two things God hates, it’s sin and yogurt. And if there are three things that grind His gears, it’s sin, yogurt, and steamy, sensual lesbians feeding each other Satan’s own fermented lactobacillus bulgarius. Who, O Lord, will speak for the righteous, hetero,… »6/17/15 11:10pm6/17/15 11:10pm

What's Harming the Children Today? A Dangerous List.

America’s Youths are unusually endangered today, with a variety of societal and environmental factors threatening to really wreck their shit. Take a few minutes, turn your chair around Cool Teacher-style, and make the children and teens in your life aware of the following threats. That is, if they’re at home and not… »4/24/15 11:30am4/24/15 11:30am

The Latest Sexy Man Ad That Has One Million Moms' Panties in a Bunch

Kraft's latest campaign for their Zesty Italian Dressing features this good-looking human wearing what appears to be no clothing. The tagline reads "Silverware Optional — Let's Get Zesty." One Million Moms, the group that has a habit of getting bent out of shape about this stuff, has deemed it "the most disgusting ad… »6/14/13 11:00am6/14/13 11:00am

One Million Moms Clutches Pearls About Skittles Ad’s Bestiality Overtones

One Million Moms, the organization that failed to dislodge Ellen from JCPenny, that got very flustered about a Sapphic kiss in the Urban Outfitters catalogue, and that would prefer if no one watched Ryan Murphy's new sitcom The New Normal, is now tardily expressing outrage about a creepy Skittles ad that features a… »8/27/12 10:25pm8/27/12 10:25pm

One Million Moms Really Doesn’t Want Anyone to Watch Ryan Murphy’s New Show

After being vanquished by the mighty and hilarious Ellen DeGeneres, One Million Moms — the organization that sought a boycott of JCPenney because the retailer made DeGeneres its official spokeswoman — has licked its wounds and returned to the pop culture fray, determine once again to boycott something, anything,… »7/22/12 10:15pm7/22/12 10:15pm

One Million Moms Deletes Homophobic Facebook Post After Most Comments Are Pro-Gay

Busybody organization One Million Moms, they of the failed anti-Ellen Degeneres JC Penney protests, the failed anti-gay moms in catalogs JC Penney protests, and failing anti-GAP Two Dudes Being Gay on a Billboard in LA protests, is predictably up in arms over the re-launch of the Green Lantern as a gay super hero. But… »6/01/12 7:15pm6/01/12 7:15pm

Homophobic 'Protest' from One Million Moms Actually Boosting JC Penney's Reputation

When JC Penney hired noted gay lesbian homosexual Ellen Degeneres as its spokesperson, a homophobic group called One Million Moms fired back by calling for a massive boycott of the department store chain. Rather than dismiss Degeneres, JCP doubled down and featured in the pages of its May catalog a couple of happy… »5/10/12 4:20pm5/10/12 4:20pm

Irrelevant Homophobes Newly Enraged Over JC Penney Ad Showing Lesbian Couple Being Happy

One Million Moms, a hateful collective of a few thousand insufferable busybodies, has once again called for its members to break out the torches and pitchforks and attack JC Penney. At issue is a single page in the department store chain's May catalog that depicts a lesbian couple doing horrible, abominable things… »5/02/12 12:35pm5/02/12 12:35pm

One Million Moms in Danger of Crushing Their Pearls Over Urban Outfitters Catalogue

Having failed to dislodge Ellen DeGeneres from her gig as JCPenney's pitchwoman, the hyperbolic organization known as One Million Moms has trained its wagging fingers on Urban Outfitters, whose latest catalogue features two women awkwardly kissing on only the second page. The Moms, predictably are outraged that the… »4/16/12 9:00pm4/16/12 9:00pm

Ellen Sticks it to One Million Moms: 'My Haters Are My Motivators'

Ellen was recently announced as a spokesperson for JC Penney, which is great as far as any celebrity endorsing a giant chain can be great. Maybe a little more so because Ellen— and you might want to sit down for this— is an out and proud lesbian. Honestly, that's awesome. Remember when all of those companies pulled… »2/08/12 3:10pm2/08/12 3:10pm