All My Children & One Life To Live Are Officially Gone, Won't Continue…

As any soap fan knows, it's often hard to tell when a character is really dead. As a longtime All My Children fan, I've seen characters who were shot and later appeared as angels miraculously show up a decade later to stir up trouble in their lover's new relationship (often while pretending to be deceased, these… » 11/27/11 11:32pm 11/27/11 11:32pm

Talking Dog & Talking Baby Discuss Paternity Test In Completely Bonkers…

I was pretty devastated when I heard that ABC was canceling two of its soap operas — I've watched All My Children for years. But today, as I was channel-surfing through the hell that is daytime television, I came upon a dramatic One Life To Live scene that made me realize cancellation makes sense. See, a talking… » 11/14/11 5:45pm 11/14/11 5:45pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Stephen Colbert's interview with a vampire, Janice Dickinson is working those 12 steps, and TMI about Alex Trebek. » 7/29/11 5:28pm 7/29/11 5:28pm

You'd think it was weird enough that a film premiere a "family movie" somehow got switched out with a porno, but then the pregnant lady got stabbed…

Snoop Dogg Makes Cameo On One Life To Live

We have no idea how or why it happened, but Snoop Dogg made a cameo appearance on One Life to Live today, and even redid the show's theme song. (Maybe the higher ups at ABC are smoking the same thing Snoop is.) We're also not sure exactly what demographic Snoop is trying to reach out to here, but whatever the case, it… » 5/08/08 7:00pm 5/08/08 7:00pm

Sienna Miller & Rhys Ifans To Wed; Kimora Knocked Up?

  • Sienna Miller has reportedly finally agreed to marry Rhys Ifans — after he asked a third time. Summer wedding, you guys. With guests like Kate Moss and Keira Knightley! [Mirror]
  • Is Kimora Lee Simmons knocked up? Sources say she's got a bun in the oven, thanks to Djimon Hounsou. Now we're gonna be hearing about her…
  • » 3/10/08 9:00am 3/10/08 9:00am