Every Look from the 2015 American Music Awards Red Carpet

Blessed be, it’s rolling into nonstop red carpet season, and Los Angeles is simply brimming with your faves crossing their legs demurely in front of the appropriate step and repeat. The AMAs tend to be a little looser than your average Grammy/Oscar/Tony extravaganza, although the chic sheaths are already in full… »11/22/15 8:00pm11/22/15 8:00pm


Bernie Sanders Reaches Peak Bernie Sanders in Incredibly Charming Ellen Appearance

In just two minutes, Bernie Sanders tells America: what the name of his Ben & Jerry’s flavor would be (“Burn Bernie Burn,” he says, misspeaking); if he’s ever been in handcuffs (“Yes,” he says, “though I don’t know exactly what you mean by that”); who’s got better hair, him or Trump (“That goes without saying”); who… »10/15/15 6:10pm10/15/15 6:10pm

One Direction Fans Can't Handle That Louis Tomlinson Might Be a Dad

It’s been tragedy after tragedy for One Direction fans this year. First, Zayn (the best member of the band) quit the group to live his life, and now it’s been reported that Louis Tomlinson (the second best member of the band) may soon be a father. What will die-hard Directioners do now that two of the five men they… »7/15/15 12:45pm7/15/15 12:45pm

Gone Direction: Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik Are Fighting on Twitter

It’s been about a month and a half since Zayn Malik quit One Direction and have you noticed a change in the world? Like the way color is shining less bright and food is tasting less flavorful? Or how you know that it’s Spring because the calendar says May and the temperature reads in the high 60s, but it still feels »5/06/15 2:45pm5/06/15 2:45pm