​China Relaxes One-Child Policy in a Veritable Gift Basket of Reforms

Suddenly hip to human rights, this morning Chinese officials announced a slew of policy reforms. First, the government will be relaxing its one-child policy. While currently a couple would only be eligible to make a second baby if both parents were only children, under new policy only one parent would have to be an… »11/15/13 1:40pm11/15/13 1:40pm

Forced Abortions Turn Out to Be Bad PR for China's One-Child Policy

China's longstanding one-child policy, introduced in the late 1970s by the government to combat social and economic problems associated with the country's high population rate, isn't so popular right now, partially because some local government officials, who are rewarded or penalized depending on how well they keep… »7/23/12 10:25am7/23/12 10:25am

Republicans Use Chinese Policy As An Excuse To Talk About Abortion

In one of his patented off-the-cuff blunders, Vice President Joe Biden made a remark on Sunday that made it sound like he supports China's one-child policy. Cue the attack by Republicans, who are suddenly very concerned about human rights violations in China — because it gives them an opportunity to talk about… »8/24/11 11:25am8/24/11 11:25am