Geniuses at Time Warner Cable Offering 'Ryan Gosling On Demand'

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Time Warner Cable is giving us the gift of "Ryan Gosling On Demand" for the entire month of February. Everything from the recent Crazy, Stupid, Love to the Gos classic Remember the Titans will be there, which means you should probably quit your job and stock up on boxed wine so you… »2/03/12 11:00am2/03/12 11:00am

Cable Companies Are Begging You To Watch More Porn

In the past decade, cable providers have avoided discussing the fact that a portion of their revenue comes from pay-per-view and on-demand porn. Yes, some customers are paying as much a $9.95 to rent hardcore films from the comfort of their own homes. Or rather, were paying. Just as the internet decimated porn… »8/05/11 11:20am8/05/11 11:20am