Women Protest Idiotic Aussie Mayor, Play Right Into His Fame Whorey Hands

Remember the Mayor of Jerktown »8/20/08 9:30am8/20/08 9:30am, er, Mount Isa, Australia, who tried to entice "beauty disadvantaged" women to his mostly-male town? Well, the women of Mount Isa (though Mayor John Molony probably wants them to - zing!). According to the local , angry citizens protested outside the City Council forecourt last night;…

Aussie Mayor Calls On "Beauty-Disadvantaged" Women To Move To Testosterone-Addled Town

We got a lot of tips this weekend about Australian mayor »8/18/08 9:40am8/18/08 9:40am John Molony, who suggested that "beauty-disadvantaged women should proceed to Mount Isa," the mining town he presides over in northwest Queensland, because there's "five blokes to every girl." In the first place, Molony just ganked the plot of the when he made…

Telling A Child She's Beautiful Could Be Sending The Wrong Message

In today's Times of London, fashion editor Lisa Armstrong dissects what she deems our egregiously-lookist society. "Increasingly, looks are used to define women who never set out to compete by those rules," Armstrong points out. "The entire female flank of the French Cabinet has recently had their wardrobes pored… »4/09/08 12:30pm4/09/08 12:30pm