Here's a Video of Olympian Gus Kenworthy With Even More Cute Puppies

The Sochi Olympics are over, but our love for baby-faced, puppy-rescuing skier Gus Kenworthy lives on. He recently stopped by Elle for an interview, but because he is the guy who took home the Sochi strays, he also did a video Q&A with several rambunctious (adoptable!) puppies at his feet. My favorite is the pit with… »2/27/14 7:00pm2/27/14 7:00pm


All that Olympian Sex at Sochi Isn’t Affecting Athletic Performance

The Olympics, as we all know, are really just a sex summit put on by the fittest human specimens. It's like an orgy of Greek deities peppered with the occasional slalom or hockey exhibition. Otherwise, the Olympic Village is basically bonetown and its residents are the enervated athletes that somehow hope to win gold… »2/16/14 1:30pm2/16/14 1:30pm

Just How Many Condoms Are Used at the Olympic Village? A Whole Fuck-Ton

Let's imagine that you are an Olympic athlete (unless you already are, in which case, congratulations). You have trained for years and qualified to go to the London Summer Games. You go to the Games. You compete. You lose. You are now full of a swirling mix of disappointment because you missed out on a medal and… »7/20/12 5:00pm7/20/12 5:00pm