Ryan Lochte, Boy Genius, Announces Amazing Discoveries About Water, Acting

Olympic gold medalist and soon-to-be 30 Rock "sex idiot" Ryan Lochte has captured America's imagination with his chiseled pecks and flaccid, chlorine addled mind. And while his time in the public eye has been characterized by such knowledge nuggets as "Getting back in shape is rough but luv it" and "The world is my… »9/27/12 5:15pm9/27/12 5:15pm


Someone at NBC Apparently Approved This Creepy, Porny Video of Female Olympians

Have you barfed yet today? Get thee to a drain of some kind before watching this video the pervs over at NBC have put together in order to show their appreciation for Olympic bodies of the 2012 London Games. Unfortunately, to NBC, showcasing the "Bodies in Motion" of the XXX Olympiad means taking footage of… »8/09/12 3:00pm8/09/12 3:00pm

Vogue Fails Miserably at Capturing the Athleticism of Olympic Athletes

Hot on the heels of making a pledge to be "ambassadors for the message of healthy body image," Vogue has made its June issue the Olympic edition, complete with Olympians on its cover. Sounds great, right? You might think this is a great chance to showcase the bodies of these athletes in action, to prove that powerful,… »5/29/12 10:00am5/29/12 10:00am

Saudi Arabia Solves Gender Inequality By Allowing One Woman To Compete In Olympics

For the first time in the history of the games, Saudi Arabia is allowing women to compete on their country's Olympic team during the 2012 summer games in London. We are truly making great strides. Wait, Saudi Arabia only did it because the International Olympic Committee threatened to bar them from the London Olympics… »12/01/11 2:30pm12/01/11 2:30pm