Watch Fake Olsens 'Lean In' in New Clip From Lifetime's Full House Film

If you’re a fan of either Full House or Lifetime’s considerable library of excellent original films, you’re going to be really excited about the upcoming unauthorized Full House quasi-biopic, which aims to blow the lid off America’s favorite non-traditional TV family. It’s got everything: drama, intrigue, and two… » 7/30/15 6:20pm 7/30/15 6:20pm

How Dare You Break The Heart of Stamos, Olsens Twins

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen recently confirmed their non-involvement with Full House reboot, Fuller House, and Uncle Jesse is upset at the news. John Stamos first tweeted, “#heartbroken,” but then took a civil approach: “I understand they’re in a different place and I wish them the best. I promise you will not be… » 5/23/15 7:00pm 5/23/15 7:00pm

Tyra Banks Is Now A New York Times Best-Selling Author

Tyra Banks' YA novel Modelland just débuted at number 2 on the New York Times' best-seller list, children's chapter books section. You can read an excerpt — this is the story with the protagonist named Tookie De La Creme, remember — here. [NewNowNext] » 10/10/11 12:55pm 10/10/11 12:55pm

nabbed the cover of Australian 's November issue (cover line:…

Rihanna Sure Looks Pale On Her New Vogue Cover

You think somebody forgot to tell British Vogue's retoucher that Rihanna is black? [Vogue UK] » 10/03/11 3:05pm 10/03/11 3:05pm

This Monday brings tidings of the : "It was the first thing that sold off the shelf," says Ashley Olsen, who claims her company is "struggling" to keep up with customer demand. "During our last economic crisis in the U.S.,…