Frat Bros Smile Pretty After Allegedly Beating Man "Within an Inch of His Life"

Five Pi Kappa Alpha brothers at Ole Miss were arrested Friday in connection with an assault that allegedly left another student beaten “within an inch of his life.” Tucker Steil, James Basile, Christian Guy, Kyle Hughes, and Austin Rice—real names—were charged with everything from hazing to larceny to felony assault.… »10/22/15 2:15pm10/22/15 2:15pm


Here Are Some Intelligent Mississippi College Students Rioting Because Obama Won

Remember yesterday when Fox News kept showing that one smiling beret wearing black guy holding doors for people at a polling station and shrieking that they were being INTIMIDATED AT THE POLLS? Do you recall the last few months, how conservative commentators kept speculating that if Obama won, there would be riots… »11/07/12 2:40pm11/07/12 2:40pm