Very Phallic Vintage Ads Prove Agencies Were Thinking With Their Dicks

Copyranter posted seven phallic ads in his column on Buzzfeed, and each one is worse than the next. It would be nice to construct some in-depth commentary about visual literacy and subliminal messages, but all I can think is They knew what this looked like, right? And someone still gave it the green light? I mean,… »11/26/12 6:45pm11/26/12 6:45pm

And Now, an Unsettling Blast From The Past: Some Jerks Who Believe Women Should Be Spanked

There's no date on this vintage clipping from the New York Daily Mirror, which was published between 1924 and 1963. But judging by the glasses and the typefaces, we're going to assume it was printed in the '50s. (That mod sans serif at the very bottom seems mid-century?) Anywho! Question: "If a woman needs it, should… »7/06/12 4:00pm7/06/12 4:00pm

Vintage Ads: Women Can't Drive, And Other Misogynistic Messages

Today's Daily Mail runs excerpts from a new book, You Mean A Woman Can Open It?: The Woman's Place In The Classic Age Of Advertising which features those oldies but goodies we're oh-so fond of. It's hard to imagine a world in which advertisers actually got away with this stuff: A car ad with a ditzy-looking broad… »11/28/07 11:00am11/28/07 11:00am