Matchmaker: Rich Older Women Looking for Love Are 'Too Hard' to Match

There's plenty to find sickening about the wealth oozing from Silicon Valley, though the latest comes by the way of a surprising source: Kelleher International ("making love happen...since 1986"), a matchmaking service that can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars help the richest of the rich find their special… »10/14/13 10:35am10/14/13 10:35am

Are You Too Young To Tell Women They're Too Old To Be Mothers?

Last week, New York Magazine featured a cover image that's drawing the whole world into yet another discussion about what women should do with their bodies. The image featured a silver haired woman (who looked oddly like IMF director Christine Lagarde) nude and photographed from the side, abdomen distended with child.… »10/04/11 1:00pm10/04/11 1:00pm

Why Do Some Women Think That "Life Is Over" By Age 44?

A new survey out of the UK has shown that more than 75% of women questioned said that they feel sexier when they are confident »10/10/08 12:30pm10/10/08 12:30pm. I know, I know: . But the survey also found that 80% of women would like to be confident. And even though people seem to think that the 20s are these fun, carefree years, it seems that…