Meet Xavius, The World's Most Influential Instagram Artist

This day and age, it's important to remember that you are no longer a person. No, you are now a brand and furthermore, the brand you have created needs to be the best looking brand out there. And if that means dropping mad money to hire @xavius, the world's most influential Instagram artist, to create your Facebook… » 9/05/12 2:10pm 9/05/12 2:10pm

Make Going Down a Treat with Vagine Cuisine

Do you think you'd get more action if your vag tasted like Eggs Benedict, chili or spicy fajita? Then Vagine Cuisine, brought to you by comedy group Olde Payphone, is especially for you! Bon appétit! » 4/05/12 7:45pm 4/05/12 7:45pm