Where Garlic Has Never Gone Before: Or, How Not To Cure A Yeast…

I love garlic. I love it roasted and spread on bread; blended into rich aioli; mixed with sauces and seasoning braises and stews. But you know what combo I don't like? Garlic and vagina. Here's the deal.When one gets yeast infections easily - at the first whiff of an antibiotic or the slightest weakening of the… » 11/13/08 2:20pm 11/13/08 2:20pm

Want A Baby Boy? Eat A Burger For Breakfast

There's an old wives tale that eating bananas for breakfast will help women give birth to a boy, and a new study out of England claims that, to some extent, the tale is true: having a high potassium intake as well as a high sodium intake during conception can make women more likely to mother males. The research, which… » 4/23/08 9:30am 4/23/08 9:30am

My Fear Of Death Brings All The Boys To The Yard

The fun thing about that creeping insecurity that you're too old to be optimally datable is that once it sets in — 25? 27? — it never lets up! Which is why it's always good to read about some lady in her sixties who's getting more dates than she ever did in her entire life. Well, author and man magnet Andree Aelion… » 3/24/08 4:30pm 3/24/08 4:30pm

Barack Obama's Mama: Bohemian Bad Ass Boundary-Breaker

On the front page of the New York Times website is a glowing profile of Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, who died of ovarian cancer in 1995. Soetero lived the bohemian '60s counter-culture dream, except she replaced all the LSD with Indonesian microfinance non-profit work. She was born in Kansas and… » 3/14/08 9:30am 3/14/08 9:30am