The Typewriter ASCII Portraits of Classic Hollywood and the Obsessive Fans Who Made Them

The charm of old movie fan magazines is their sweetness. Their pages may have hinted at all sorts of sordid behavior, but their tone matched that of their most guileless reader—and they incorporated reader perspectives in every issue, printing copious letters and even occasionally letting readers share their own… »11/06/15 1:50pm11/06/15 1:50pm

Happy Birthday to Katharine Hepburn, Who Liked to Set Sail on 'a Whim'

Besides being a phenomenally talented and famous actress, Katharine Hepburn is perhaps best remembered for her incredibly straightforward delivery of her often borderline impolite opinions. But her blunt nature went even further than that, as seen via two short blurbs from 1934 editions of New York Times about her… »5/12/15 7:10pm5/12/15 7:10pm

Actresses in Old Hollywood Labored Over Their Brow Game, Too

It's Friday, which means that—once again—it's time to marvel at the marvelous Hollywood PR machine of yore and its seemingly endless ability to find new ways to make actresses pose while doing their makeup. This time we've got an actress from the heady days of transition from silent to sound, darkening her eyebrows. »3/27/15 8:20pm3/27/15 8:20pm

A Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn Biopic Is Headed to the Big Screen

Fans of the Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn romance should get ready — the story of the pair's iconic love will likely be coming to a movie theater near you in the next couple years. Written by screenwriter David Rambo, the newly announced Tracy and Hepburn will follow the couple over the course of their entire… »2/14/14 5:45pm2/14/14 5:45pm

Jean Harlow's Signature Blonde Hair May Have Helped Kill Her

While, these days, "platinum blonde" is commonly used to describe hair color, the term actually wasn't coined until the thirties when Howard Hughes wanted to come up with a moniker to increase the popularity of actress Jean Harlow. Eventually, his publicity director came up with the "Platinum Blonde." Back then,… »2/22/13 12:05pm2/22/13 12:05pm

Actress Takes Out Full Page Ad to Report That a Movie Somehow Raped Her

Actress Kim Novak once made a name for herself freaking out onscreen in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. These days, she's making a name for herself freaking out in the pages of Variety and claiming that a recent movie that used part of the score from the classic thriller has literally raped her. A movie. Literally. Raped.… »1/11/12 2:35pm1/11/12 2:35pm