A Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn Biopic Is Headed to the Big Screen

Fans of the Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn romance should get ready — the story of the pair's iconic love will likely be coming to a movie theater near you in the next couple years. Written by screenwriter David Rambo, the newly announced Tracy and Hepburn will follow the couple over the course of their entire… » 2/14/14 5:45pm 2/14/14 5:45pm

Jean Harlow's Signature Blonde Hair May Have Helped Kill Her

While, these days, "platinum blonde" is commonly used to describe hair color, the term actually wasn't coined until the thirties when Howard Hughes wanted to come up with a moniker to increase the popularity of actress Jean Harlow. Eventually, his publicity director came up with the "Platinum Blonde." Back then,… » 2/22/13 12:05pm 2/22/13 12:05pm

Actress Takes Out Full Page Ad to Report That a Movie Somehow Raped Her

Actress Kim Novak once made a name for herself freaking out onscreen in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. These days, she's making a name for herself freaking out in the pages of Variety and claiming that a recent movie that used part of the score from the classic thriller has literally raped her. A movie. Literally. Raped.… » 1/11/12 2:35pm 1/11/12 2:35pm

Marilyn Monroe's Subway Dress For Sale

Are you a confusingly wealthy pervert? A reclusive cinema obsessed heiress? A recurring feature on MTV Cribs? Do you have $2 million laying around? If so, you may be interested in purchasing Marilyn Monroe's iconic "subway dress," most famous for being blown up while being worn over a subway grate in The Seven Year… » 5/29/11 1:12pm 5/29/11 1:12pm

Cyd Charisse, Actress With The "World's Most Valuable Legs," Dies At 86

Cyd Charisse, the actress/dancer who rose to stardom dancing alongside Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, has died at the age of 86 of a heart attack, according to the New York Times. Born Tula Ellice Finklea in Amarillo, Texas, Cyd was a classically trained ballerina who was plucked from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in… » 6/18/08 9:30am 6/18/08 9:30am