Nobody Believes Recently Deceased Georgian Woman Lived for a Mind-Frying 132 Years

The purported oldest woman in the world has died and the only question anyone seems capable of asking is, "Yeah, but was she really 132? That seems made up." Antisa Khvichava, hailing from Georgia (as in, the country of) claimed to have been born on July 8, 1880, which would mean that she was 31-years-old when the … »10/10/12 10:40am10/10/12 10:40am

The Best Part About Living to 107 Is the Fancy Birthday Party

Juliana Koo is about to be 107, which means that she was born when Russia's last emperor was mucking his way through a war with the Japanese and Theodore Roosevelt's mustache was the U.S. president. On Sunday, according to the New York Times, her family threw her a preemptive 107th birthday party at the Pierre Hotel… »9/24/12 11:55pm9/24/12 11:55pm