Ohio's Lawmakers Want Planned Parenthood Funds to Be Given to Food Banks

Although numerous investigations into the heavily-edited videos targeting Planned Parenthood have shown no evidence of wrongdoing, several states have called for the defunding of the women’s health care provider. On Tuesday, the Ohio House voted to remove Planned Parenthood’s Title X funds following this summer’s… »11/19/15 9:45pm11/19/15 9:45pm


Ohio Unveils New, Dead-Body-Centric Tourism Campaign or Something

Maybe “it” isn’t the obvious (dead body you’ve got to find before the cops do). Maybe “it” refers to just a part of a dead body (Einstein’s brain maybe) or perhaps to “self-actualization” or “professional satisfaction” or “a reason to commit.” Maybe Ohio is trying to advertise their local ultra-dank marijuana or… »11/17/15 6:10pm11/17/15 6:10pm

Ohio Refuses to Make Nick Lachey Filthy Rich Off of Weed 

Today, Ohio voters went to the polls to decide whether or not the state should legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana use. The Buckeye State was poised to become the fifth state to legalize weed (congratulations Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Washington DC) but alas, it wasn’t to be. Issue 3 was … »11/03/15 11:00pm11/03/15 11:00pm

Ohio Revokes Licenses of Two Abortion Clinics Including Cincinnati's Only Clinic  

Ohio health officials announced on Friday that it will revoke the licenses of two abortion clinics in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. The two clinics, Women’s Med Center in Kettering and Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio, are the only two abortion clinics in the region. The clinics serve roughly 480,000 women. »9/26/15 2:30pm9/26/15 2:30pm

Cool Guys at Ohio State University Offer 'Daughter Daycare' and Promise 'Dads, We'll Take it From Here'

Yesterday it was frat boys at Old Dominion University offering a “freshman daughter drop-off” via enormous bedsheet banners hanging off the sides of their balcony. Today, the very cool guys are at Ohio State University in Columbus, where an off-campus house full of seniors is getting a lot of attention for their own… »8/25/15 9:20am8/25/15 9:20am

New Ohio Bill Would Make Abortion Illegal if Down Syndrome is Given as Reason

The New York Times has a long story on a new bill in Ohio that would make it illegal for doctors to perform an abortion if the sole reason is to avoid giving birth to a child with Down syndrome. The bill, which is supported by the National Right to Life Committee, is widely expected to pass both Ohio’s House and… »8/23/15 12:30pm8/23/15 12:30pm

Love Triangle Involving Cousin Leads to Very Redneck Arson

A news reporter speaking to the victim of a fire got an amazing scoop when he asked the woman, whose garage was set ablaze, if she had any idea about who committed the arson and why. “I don’t want to mention no names,” the woman said before revealing that it was her cousin who did it. But the reason why? That needs to… »7/24/15 10:33am7/24/15 10:33am

Ohio Town Fears Women Are Being Targeted by Serial Killer

A small Ohio city where six women have been murdered or disappeared may be targeted by a serial killer. The women have all died or gone missing from Chillicothe, a Rust Belt city whose population is just under 22,000. According to news accounts, several of the women had been sex workers; a few also had struggled with… »6/24/15 2:00pm6/24/15 2:00pm

'I Will Slit Your Throat': Brianna Wu Shares Recording of Death Threat

In an op-ed for The Mary Sue, video game developer Brianna Wu wrote on Wednesday about the latest terrifying death threats she’s receiving, these from a man who’s repeatedly called her house and described, both to her and her husband, his plans to murder her. She also included a recording of him promising, “I’m going… »5/21/15 3:45pm5/21/15 3:45pm

For the third time, the Ohio House has passed an abortion ban that would make the procedure illegal

For the third time, the Ohio House has passed an abortion ban that would make the procedure illegal once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, or as early as six weeks. Both the governor and much of the Senate have expressed strong opposition to the bill, though, making it unlikely to ever become law. »3/25/15 5:30pm3/25/15 5:30pm

Ohio Abortion Providers Now Required to Do Fetal Test That Doesn't Exist

States like Texas and Missouri have been loudly crowing for years about their success in making abortion harder and harder to access. But today, let's take a moment to recognize, once again, the contributions Ohio has made to the cause: a thicket of confusing, burdensome, and sometimes contradictory laws and… »3/03/15 2:30pm3/03/15 2:30pm