Yoko Ono Still Annoys Lennon Fans, 29 Years After His Death

I happened to catch a documentary about Yoko Ono on TV today. She was interviewed for it, as were a number of others, but unlike most of the artist bios that air on Ovation, this one wasn't exactly full of praise. The usual "Yoko broke up the Beatles" crap was brought up, but it was Camille Paglia who was the main… » 11/12/08 7:00pm 11/12/08 7:00pm

Men Need To Stop Pulling "Bobby Browns" On Women's Careers

Over on the gossip blog "A Socialite's Life," editors are asking if Paris Hilton is "pulling a Yoko" with her new relationship to Good Charlotte's Benji Madden. First off, mentioning Benji Madden and John Lennon in the same sentence is borderline blasphemous. But even more gratingly, for years "Yoko" has been a… » 3/17/08 3:00pm 3/17/08 3:00pm