Witch Priestess Takes Warlock to Court for Harassment 

Keeping with the spirit of the season, the Associated Press brings us the story witch priestess Lori Sforza and warlock Christian Day. Sforza who, in addition to her duties of a witch priestess at a “pagan church,” is the owner of a witchcraft shop in Salem, Massachusetts. She claims that Day, a warlock and owner of… »10/27/15 11:00pm10/27/15 11:00pm


Watch the Trailer for the George Takei Documentary To Be Takei

OOOOHHH MY! Judging by the trailer, this documentary about Sci Fi god, gay rights activist, and champion of every single one of our hearts George Takei looks absolutely wonderful. It gives some insight into his childhood, living in a Japanese American internment camp during World War II as well as his marriage to… »7/05/14 4:18pm7/05/14 4:18pm