Romeo Rose Is Throwing a Racist, Pro-Rape Tantrum on Twitter Right Now

Ugh, I'm so conflicted about whether or not to pay attention to Romeo Rose. Like, dude's obviously got major probs and it's tough to justify piling on the the bewildered, but then he'll drop a 20-minute tirade about how interracial dating is literally bestial gorilla-sex and I couldn't give a fuck about his feelings… »11/07/13 7:45pm11/07/13 7:45pm


Courtney Stodden Releases Compelling PSA About Not Becoming Courtney Stodden

I have to admit, I do find something slightly compelling about the utter unselfconsciousness of Courtney Stodden, her royal footman Doug, and Dourtney, their dashing steed/fake son. If you take her at her word that she was not sold into child-marriage, the unselfconsciousness is not manufactured, and she is wholly… »2/19/13 7:40pm2/19/13 7:40pm