One Thing Is Certain: Right Now, Yale University & Aliza Shvarts '08 Are 100% Annoying

I seem to be the only one of the Jezebels online and — lucky for me! — now we're hearing that Aliza Shvarts is disputing Yale University's claim that her performance piece was a work of fiction. Reports the Yale Daily News: »4/17/08 11:50pm

Oh, Christ. Anyway, interested (and still-awake) readers can learn more . I, for one, have had…

"He Took Me In His Arms, And Staring Into My Eyes, He Said Words That Took My Breath Away"

Sometimes the Lord knows when you need an uplifting email in your inbox, and Lord, thou hath choseth an auspicious day. Perhaps, readers, recent sudden public marital undoings have stirred up those lingering doubts, those damaging "Enlightenment" era thoughts about the fundamental alienation present within every… »3/17/08 12:00pm