Dang: Could the Idea of Rape on College Campuses Mostly Be... a Myth?

Jackie lied and Rolling Stone fucked up so tremendously, and those stats about how many women “get raped” “in their lifetime” seem crazy, anyway—so shocking that, like the UVA lede, there’s something suspicious about the whole matter. No decent parent would even send their daughter to college if “rape culture” was… »4/09/15 11:10am4/09/15 11:10am


Try As She Might, Meredith Vieira Cannot Dampen Boy George's Good Time

Boy George was on Today, via satellite from London, to discuss his visa denial and subsequent delay of his US tour, due to his legal troubles back home. He sorta looked like an auntie at a holiday party, what with his zany hat and matching eye makeup. Meredith Vieira was a bit of an underminer during the whole… »6/27/08 7:00pm6/27/08 7:00pm