Men Twice As Likely To Use Workplace Bereavement Days To Play Hooky

In last year's Sundance movie The Lie, a man who plays hooky from work tells his boss that his kid is sick. Later, under duress, he blurts out, shockingly, that the baby has died—and the remainder of the film deals with the consequences. As it turns out, that premise is more realistic than you might have imagined: 26%… »12/23/12 1:30pm12/23/12 1:30pm

TVs Most Inappropriate Offices Are Very Inappropriate

As is the case with most things in life, you have contain your expectations of the workforce if they're informed by television. Just because you work in an office, does not mean that you will meet a Jim Halpert (you will, more than likely, meet an Angela) and it's unlikely that you'll get away with playing hilarious… »8/28/12 5:30pm8/28/12 5:30pm